This competition is for a small team of up to 3 students between 11 and 16 years of age. Students can be from different year groups and classes; however, they need to be from the same educational establishment.  Only schools in the UK can enter.
Activity: Use the BirdNET app to identify the birds present in three acoustically different areas. 
Task 1: Familiarisation of measurement hardware and software When measuring sound, it is important to understand the hardware and software that you are using. For this task you need to install the BirdNET app onto a smartphone or multiple smartphones. Please find below a link to details on the BirdNET app.*
Task 2: Select three different soundscapes Think about your local area; can you identify three areas that sound different? Describe the soundscape of each area in a way that makes the differences clear.
Task 3: Comment on the bird species that are present Use the BirdNET app to identify any birds that are present in each area* and discuss the differences between the three areas. Make sure that the measurement programme you devise includes a good selection of time periods and that each measurement duration is a suitable length. requirements. Deliverables We would like a brief report describing what you did to familiarise yourselves with the app, and your methodology, results and findings from the measurements. You are welcome to decide which electronic format to use for your report that best suits your entry. See assessment criteria below for more information.
Ioa Competition