This set of activities is designed for a STEM Ambassador to use when introducing their work in the highways and transport industry to pupils aged 14 to 16. They can also be used by teachers to introduce the challenges faced by transport infrastructure in the UK and the roles played by 3 different types of transport professional in shaping its future.

The resources contain a presentation which advises the STEM Ambassador on how to engage with the pupils they are talking to and introduce the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT).  In addition it includes a selection of 2 activities and 2 discussions and the STEM Ambassador can choose to which of these to deliver.

  • Activity 1 shows how infrastructure exists on many scales and shows how people use different modes of transport depending on the scale of their journey.
  • Activity 2 looks at what will affect transport infrastructure in the next 30 years and focuses on the impact of climate change. It shows how asset managers, transport engineers and transport planners work to solve transport problems
  • Discussion 1 asks students to think abut technology and initiatives that can overcome future challenges
  • Discussion 2 looks at current and future transport infrastructure 

The concluding slide gives the STEM Ambassador the opportunity to summarise the content of the session and highlight the career opportunities available in the industry.

All the resources needed to deliver these activities are included at the link below.

CIHT Tertiary 14 Plus Presentation Activity 1 (1)