his set of activities is designed for a STEM Ambassador to use when introducing their work in the highways and transport industry to pupils aged 7 to 11. They can also be used by teachers to introduce transportation related activities and careers.

The resources contain instructions and a presentation, with guidance notes, which advises the STEM Ambassador on how to engage with the pupils they are talking to and introduce the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT).  In addition it includes a selection of 4 activities designed to last about 30 minutes each and the STEM Ambassador can choose which of these to deliver.

  • 'How did you get to school today?' looks at conventional and unconventional ways to get to school
  • Creating transport systems is a practical activity using the pupils and their classroom to look at the challenges transport planners and engineers have to overcome when creating transport systems
  • A cut and stick activity to design a transport system by adding the infrastructure required to get from one side of a map to another
  • Fun facts about transport infrastructure like bridges and tunnels

Once the activities are completed there is a final concluding slide where pupils are asked to consider 'What do you think is the best thing about working in transport?'.

All the resources needed to deliver these activities are included at the link below.

CIHT KS1 Presentation Final May 2016 Edition