Calling all engineers and technicians!

This partner toolkit for Tomorrow's Engineers Week introduces the theme for 2024, which is Power up your passion. 

We aim for this theme to show young people that due to the fact engineering and technology jobs across the industry are so broad in scope, it is possible for them to align their personal passions and interests into a future career.

The toolkit is looking for young engineers and technicians at the early point of their working lives to tell the stories of how they turned their passions into a career, to help and inspire those who may not before have considered joining the industry. We're particularly looking for people who have taken different educational pathways into their current jobs -  recent graduates, recent T Level students and apprentices.

The toolkit also includes a guide to engaging with schools and a lesson plan that you can use or share with schools in your network.

Download the partner toolkit

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Take the quiz and get ready to be inspired...

Ever wondered what an engineer does? Could you see yourself exploring outer space, protecting the environment, designing apps or developing cures for diseases?

Engineers do all this, and more! In a few short questions students can find out how their skills and passions could lead to an exciting job in engineering.