Charlotte Budgen has been chosen to feature in a national campaign showcasing how engineers are at the heart of solutions to achieve net zero by 2050.

She is just 1 of 3 engineers from across the UK handpicked to showcase their stories of being a net zero hero to celebrate Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2021 (8 to 12 November).

Explaining why she chose a career in engineering, Charlotte said:

“I want to be the first person to have a net zero farm. I've always liked more practical-based subjects, making things, designing things and fixing things. Bringing together my love of farming and tractors has been a dream come true.

“You’ve got to have the mindset, and be able to solve the problems that you face and also be able to speak to other people… I’ve done anything I could to go into engineering.”

Dr Hilary Leevers, CEO at EngineeringUK, commented:

“The engineering community is already working to pay back the planet with solutions to address a host of problems, such as how to generate affordable and sustainable energy, to shaping the farms and cities of the future.

“But we also need to focus on the next and future generations - allowing them the space to be creative and equipping them with the technical skills to bring innovative solutions to life. And they are up for the challenge, they are optimistic about what can be achieved in the future, and passionate about improving the world they live in.”

Further highlights of the Week include the first Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Schools COP where students around the country are coming together to discuss the importance of achieving net zero and how engineers behind technological and scientific breakthroughs will be at the heart of the world’s response to climate change in the coming years.