It’s the last day of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week and the Engineering Council has written a blog showcasing the breadth of work of various engineers in the sector. 

By the Engineering Council 

“Engineering is a creative, problem solving, exciting career in which no 2 days are the same. That’s what professionally registered engineers and technicians tell us – and they work in all sorts of roles and organisations you might not expect. 

“Almost everything we use or buy comes in packaging and Chartered Engineer Mamta Singhal MBE works to make that packaging more sustainable – “I currently work in a Global team at Diageo Plc focusing on packaging sustainability solutions. I joined the team in February 2021 and really see this as such an important area, as I think engineers hold the key to overcoming some of the major sustainability challenges.” Mamta is neurodiverse and was diagnosed as dyslexic when she was 17 – “I realised my brain was wired differently to the average person. I focused on my strengths and realised that engineering and creative fields would be the best avenue for my skill-set.” 

“Buildings, from homes to schools and hospitals, aren’t just bricks and mortar – they also need power, heat, light and ventilation to work effectively for the people who use them. Engineers are a big part of making that happen, like lighting Engineering Technician Kimberly Bartlett – “I design light and lighting for all facets of the built environment, providing safe and inviting places to live, work and play”. Kimberly also volunteers “as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador, both as part of and outside of work, which is incredibly fulfilling. My goal is to get young people interested in STEM and specifically engineering. I hope that my passion and excitement for my discipline can inspire more girls and LGBT people to enter the profession.” 

Read the full blog on the EngineeringUK website.