Over 40,000 students in schools across the UK have been discussing their ambitions for the future of STEM this week.

This was part of the 10th annual Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, which provides school students with the platform to voice their hopes for where engineering innovations could lead us in the future, and to discuss how to achieve them.

The Future Minds Broadcast is part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week and has seen over 40,000 school students take part and discuss the different ways in which engineering innovations could improve the world around us over the next 10 years.

The top ideas this year as voted by students were improving accessibility in sport through improved prosthetics, increasing biodiversity in more areas through rewilding projects and developing mechanical bees to increase pollination levels. 

Over 200,000 young people in hundreds of schools have taken part in Tomorrow’s Engineers Week through live events in the past 5 years, engaging their minds through creative learning. 

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