By the Royal Academy of Engineering

"What have mobile phones, hearing aids, the UK’s tallest building, The Shard, vaccines, and a Victoria sandwich cake got in common?

"They’re all the product of engineering.

"We know that, but how many of the millions of people watching the Great British Bake Off do?  How many of the 9.2m viewers (at the show’s peak) will have clocked that there have been 8 engineers that have entered the baking tent? 3 of whom have done exceptionally well.

"When launching our This is Engineering campaign – tasked with the urgent need to rebrand engineering for young people – we determined on showing teenagers that there’s engineering behind what they’re already interested in, and that it’s for people like them. The campaign communicates that engineers have a hand in creating the things they love, demonstrating that if they follow their own passions, it could lead them towards a fulfilling career in engineering."

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