EngineeringUK’s Public Relations Apprentice, Macy Richardson, has written a blog on her experience attending Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Schools COP.

“What we do today changes tomorrow and every step we take leads us in a new direction – so why not make that step count? Young people are leading us in the right direction. They can shape our future and they can save our planet. The steps they take are calculated and well-thought-out – something which we should all mimic.

“As part of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Week team, I am proud to say that I attended the Schools COP on 13 October. It gave young people from schools across the UK the opportunity to discuss the importance of achieving net zero and why we should reduce our carbon footprint. I was impressed by the thoughts of the young people - their knowledge is profound, and I have certainly learnt a thing or two from listening to their ideas. I am only a little older than these students who took part in the Schools COP but there is a big difference between our thinking, with these young people are already thinking of ways to save our planet and create a net zero future. I was blown away by their answers in the discussions and it was clear to me that our future is in good hands, however, it is not only up to the young people to save our planet. Everyone can contribute, whether it be small or big, to give us a brighter and greener future.”

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